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About Daniel Barlow and The D Website.net

History of The D Website.net

Started on August 2, 2007, The D Website.net was a summer project by Daniel Barlow to see if he could create and host a website. After a couple months, he was rather successful. He quickly realized, however, what he could not do as well - generate content. Since the start of The D Website.net, Daniel has tried and failed many times to utilize the site to its full potential. Many times he left it outdated for months. Eventually, the summer of 2011 approched. It was then that Daniel realized what it was all along: his personal site.

History of Daniel Barlow

I first used a PC when I was two years old. I have been on them ever since. There was a certian time when I aquired a special interest and started developing my enhanced knowledge. For me, it was 7th grade. I learned HTML, and also moved on to very basic C++. The summer after, I applied HTML and my general experience of computers and started this website. I quickly expanded my skills the years after, including building a desktop computer from parts. When high school came, I was attending the city's technology academy. My freshman year, I easily earned the Certiport IC3 certification. I learned on top of my background knowledge so rapidly, I enrolled in a second school that offered more advanced courses my Junior year. I was able to achieve my CompTIA A+ certification in the first three months of study and CompTIA Network+ my Senior year. I also picked up the hobby (or collection of hobbies) of amateur radio and became licenced between my Junior and Senior years. After graduation I earned CCENT (Cisco) and CompTIA Security+. I also started my own business, Barlow Computers, which I still operate.